Post Equifax Data Breach

  Data breaches in recent years have become far too common due to a higher level of capability by hackers to access systems and companies falling asleep at the security wheel.  It is obvious that C-level executives as well as their Boards are oblivious to the massive data breaches at various firms.  One would think... Continue Reading →


Malware Invasions

When the recent Wanna Cry ransomware attack was launched, I received perhaps a dozen or so emails asking what this was all about and how could they protect themselves from being hit.  On June 27th, reports of yet another ransomware attack variant of Petya had been launched and was hitting in 64 countries with most... Continue Reading →

Be On Guard

My last post focused on identity fraud and theft.  It affects consumers as well as businesses and has been growing exponentially.  While I knew the numbers were significant, I was honestly surprised at the responses I received from those who commented on my previous post.  The number of folks who have said they have been... Continue Reading →

The State of Airline Travel

    Thanks to a challenging travel environment, smart phone cameras and social media, we have been able to see an increasing spate of anger from both airline employees and the flying public.  The more recent mishandling of passengers on flights, with a few turning violent, has grabbed the headlines and attention across the Nation.  A sad state... Continue Reading →

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