Big Things Could Happen – Soon



The high-end tech companies and their stocks have been on a great roll since January and the likes of Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft continue to build major lumps in their mattresses due to an overflowing cash horde.  Problem is , those mattresses are overseas and need to be brought home, emptied and those mega millions in cash used here to help companies and the overall economy grow.  Decent odds that tax laws will soon allow those funds to be freed up and returned thanks to greatly reduced and globally competitive tax rates.  It does our economy no good having all those funds not being effectively used in the good old USA.

With these funds, one can expect that some of it may well be used to acquire other companies or divisions.  Here are a few surprises which I am guessing we may see in 2017.

Amazon will acquire Costco or Netflix

GM will acquire Tesla or enter into a major licensing agreement with Elon Musk



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